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1 Maggio 2016

Vinous ratings 2016

94 pts

2013 Sgarzon Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti

Another outstanding wine, the 2013 Teroldego Sgarzon is quite a bit darker and more powerful than the Morei. Black cherry, gravel, smoke, licorice and dark spices are fused together. Intense, plush and inviting, the 2013 needs at least a few years for the tannin and acidity to become a bit more integrated, but there is plenty to like and even more to look forward to. The Sgarzon is a fabulous wine all around. -- Antonio Galloni, May 2016

Drinking window: 2018 - 2028


93 pts

2013 Granato Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti

Foradori's 2013 Granato is superb. Like all of these 2013s, the Granato is a bit laid back in this vintage. Still, there is plenty of depth and intensity in the dark black cherry, plum, spice, new leather and menthol flavors. That said, it is the wine's textural depth and creaminess that separate it stylistically from the other wines in the range. -- Antonio Galloni, May 2016

Drinking window: 2018 - 2028


92 pts

2013 Morei Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti

The 2013 Teroldego Morei is bold, pungent and racy. Sweet cherry, blood orange, pomegranate and a host of red-fleshed fruits are pushed forward. The 2013 offers striking purity in its fruit and lovely balance, all in a understated style built on grace. Sweet floral and blood orange notes add an attractive sense of aromatic lift on the energetic finish. The 2013 can be enjoyed now for its primal intensity or cellared for at least a decade, during which it will likely acquire notable complexity. -- Antonio Galloni, May 2016

Drinking window: 2017 - 2027


92 pts

2013 Fontanasanta Nosiola Vigneti delle Dolomiti

The 2013 Nosiola Fontanasanta is a compelling, if eccentric wine that engages all the senses. The tactile sensation is more like that of a red wine, with tannins that extend the finish and give the wine its sense of proportion. At the same time, the slightly volatile aromatics recall those of an uber-classic Brunello or Barolo. Hints of dried pear, chamomile and dried flowers add shades of nuance throughout. Readers need to approach the Fontanasanta with an open mind and equally open palate. I imagine that the 2013 will be a divisive wine, as it is very much on the edge. Still, readers who want to understand where the cutting edge is in Italy should taste the 2013 Nosiola. Personally, I find it intriguing. -- Antonio Galloni , May 2016

Drinking window: 2016 - 2021


91 pts

2014 Fuoripista Pinot Grigio Vigneti delle Dolomiti

A new wine from Foradori, the 2014 Fuoripista is 100% Pinot Grigio macerated on the skins, which gives color and phenolic intensity. Dried rose petal, cranberry, mint and wild flowers lift from the glass, but it is the wine's texture, polish and finish that I find most compelling. When all is said and done, this is a tremendous showing for the year. Readers should expect a white wine with a fair amount of acid bite and plenty of structure. This is far from an easygoing northern Italian white, to say the least. -- Antonio Galloni May 2016

Drinking window: 2016 - 2020


88 pts

2013 Foradori Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti

The entry-level 2013 Foradori (Teroldego) is quite delicate in this vintage. Sweet raspberry, red cherry, dried flowers, game and gravel are all nicely delineated throughout. In most vintages, the Foradori is a dark, juicy wine, but in 2013 is decidedly restrained and medium in body. -- Antonio Galloni, May 2016

Drinking window: 2016 - 2019

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